Make a low poly cliff!

Make a low poly cliff!

Learn how to create a game ready low poly cliff in Blender 2.8! These techniques were used to create cliffs for Radical Relocation!

Baked Lighting Level 5a

#ScreenshotSaturday – Baked Lighting

The main highlight for this week however, was light baking. After much difficulty with Enlighten and Progressive (CPU and GPU), we decided to use Bakery. Baking took mere minutes, and I think the results speak for themselves!

Speed Modelling Supermarket Feature Image
Radical Relocation

Speed Modelling A Low Poly Supermarket

Watch how we create a low poly supermarket for Radical Relocation! This asset created in Blender will then be exported into Unity and added to our levels!

Minimap Feature Image
Radical Relocation

Procedural Minimap

A procedural minimap that automatically generates content at runtime based on the assets in the scene.


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